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Healing around the world
See the numbers behind The Vaseline Healing Project.

The Vaseline Healing Project was launched in 2015 with the aim of healing the skin of 5 million people affected by poverty or emergencies by the year 2020.

So far, we have reached 2,587,888 across 61 countries, through product donations, healing missions and training programs.

Product donations and Emergency response

  • 3 million Vaseline® products donated worldwide
  • Thousands of products donated to emergency responses
  • 6 emergency responses: Houston flood response, Greece refugee relief, Ecuador earthquake relief, West Virginia flood response, Haiti & SE United States hurricane relief 
  • Over 20,000 products donated to Ecuador earthquake emergency response

Healing events

  • 18 missions to 10 countries
  • Missions in 2015:, Jordan, Kenya, Philippines
  • Missions in 2016: Jordan, India, U.S.A, South Africa, China, Nepal, Philippines
  • Missions in 2017: Mexico, Jordan, India, Philippines, Thailand, USA
  • 9,682 dermatology evaluations performed

Training programmes

  • 4 training missions in South Africa, India & Mexico
  • 928 medical professionals received training

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